Due to the current Covid 19 outbreak, our Hampshire Timebank Networks are offering additional support (where it is safe to do so) to support those who are self isolating.

Contact your local timebank on the links below.  Stay safe all!

Strengthening and connecting communities in Hampshire - One hour at a time

What is Timebanking

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Find out about activities and exchanges through the Time4Hampshire network

Time4Hampshire is helping local communities develop time banks where individuals and organisations can share ideas, skills, knowledge and experiences

Time4Hampshire is developing time banks in several locations. Please select the time bank you would like to join.

Also in Hampshire

Time4Hampshire is a project supported by TBUK and Hampshire County Council to develop a network of time banks throughout the county and to enhance links with existing timebanks in the region.

Timebanks are being set up by local communities involving individuals, voluntary organisations, charities and statutory bodies to develop time banks that are right for their communities.

The network will mobilise communities to give and receive support by sharing time, skills, experiences,and resources through a currency of time credits. So for every hour of help given, an hour time credit is earned which can then be used to receive some help - simple!

The Time4Hampshire network aims to strengthen and connect communities, reduce social isolation and improve health and wellbeing in all the towns and villages it reaches - one hour at a time!!

Adie Smith

Hampshire Timebanking Network Project Manager

 E: adie@timebanking.org

Supported by Timebanking UK and Hampshire County Council